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Join Us! Periodistas Northwest Seeks Election Candidates

The local NAHJ chapter, Periodistas Northwest (PNW,) is excited to announce that this year will mark the chapter's first election since it was rebooted a year ago.

Nominations for anyone interested in running are now open and will be open until September 14. To run you must be a member in good standing.

There is a minimum of three positions open. Those include president, secretary, and treasurer. Each position comes with its own responsibilities and powers:

  • The chapter president is tasked with recruiting members, making statements on behalf of the organization, and brainstorming and executing events that benefit Latinx people in the local news sphere.

  • The treasurer keeps track of the budget and monitors the chapter bank account.

  • The secretary jots down minutes at chapter meetings and manages the chapter's media and communications.

There is room for other roles and the chapter is open to having more positions if there is significant interest. Elected candidates must commit to a two-year term. Below is a chapter manual provided by the national association for those interested in reviewing the election process and other advice on how to run a chapter.

NAHJ Chapter Manual
Download PDF • 140KB

If you're interested in serving please nominate yourself or another member at this Google Form.

We've also recently started a Google Group where members can raise questions, discuss ideas and concerns, network, read candidate statements and share job postings. So you may receive an email invitation to that group in the coming days. Please feel free to forward this email to other Latinx journalists you believe may be interested in participating in PNW's first election.

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions at


Periodistas Northwest Election Stewards

Agueda, Enrique, Esmy

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